Japanese Green Tea Powder 94g Made in Kyoto Uji Since 1700s, Hot and Cold by KOBATAEN


Brand 古畑園 KOBATAEN
Item Form Powder
Unit Count 3.3158 Ounce
  • KOBATAEN PREMIUM “SENCHA” – Powder 94g (0.3g per 100ml water, Brew more than 30,000 litter), Kobataen’s Tea Grade 4 (1-5) Upper middle
  • RICH AROMA – Well- selected green tea leaf and well- blended by tea master
  • FULL- FLAVORED TASTE – Good balance of sweetness and umami
  • AWARDS- KOBATAEN won the special gold prize many times in international tea competition since 1879.
  • BRIGHTEN YOUR LIFE- Hopefully you love our simple delicious green tea
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