Japanese Green tea Fukamushi loose leaf 70g Made in Uji Kyoto, Since 1700s, Hot and Cold ,Awarded 1st prize


Tea Variety Green
Brand Le scion.
Flavor Green
Item Form Loose Leaves
Unit Count 2.4692 Ounce
  • KOBATAEN PREMIUM “FUKAMUSHICHA” – Loose leaf 70g (3-4g per person)
  • RICH AROMA – Well- selected green tea leaf and well- blended by tea master. It steamed longer than other green tea and makes easy to brew with plenty of tea taste.
  • FULL- FLAVORED TASTE – Good balance of sweetness and umami
  • COLD BREW-We also recommend FUKAMUSHICHA as cold brew, to taste the full potential of its deep umami and sweetness.
  • AWARDS- KOBATAEN won the special gold prize many times in international tea competition since 1879.
  • BRIGHTEN YOUR LIFE- Hopefully you love our simple delicious green tea
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